It is not a good sign to arrive in the church parking lot and see that the service and repair truck of the commercial kitchen equipment company has already arrived.  Fortunately, they were able to respond quickly.  Our walk-in cooler had problems in the night and the temperature was above the acceptable point.  We lost milk.

 Here is the technician recharging the coolant, which should be the correct fix.  The  temperature is already going down.

 Meanwhile the church program was serving breakfast.  We served 120 total.  I asked Ed, our cook, “120 even?”  “Yes,” he said.  “We had 120 ham, egg and cheese biscuits, and we served them all!”  There were about the same number of lunches served yesterday.  So we are off with a big group.

This is mainly because the Family Literacy Program that we work with Blackhawk College, the Regional Office of Education, the Library and the Rock Island School District #41 found a little extra money and is able to continue for the month of June.  What a blessing for these families!  And Katie Colbrece of the Summer Enrichment Program was able to find some teachers to begin our Summer program for Elementary age children early – we were scheduled for July only.

Well, here are some children enjoying a nutritious breakfast, which is the goal of all this.

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