The Family Literacy Program at the Church of Peace is off and running for the Spring Inter-Session two weeks.  The top photo is of the Elementary Age group of children.  The two women at the left, Alana and Katie are the group leaders.  On this first day over twenty elementary age children attended.

 This next photo is of the pre-school children working on their A-B-Cs with Pam, their teacher.  They have just sung the song and the bag in Pam’s hands is plastic letters soon to be distributed for the children to touch and learn.

 Here is Gloria, another caregiver, providing a little rest for one of the babies.

 This photo represents one of the brilliant elements of the Family Literacy Program.  Here are parents and children together at a table working on an art project.  This promotes the use of language – listening, following instructions and talking together.  And it represents very positive interaction among family members together.

 This is Lisa, the project coordinator, providing instruction to the room full of tables of families.

This is a photo of a break-out classroom of adult students working on basic language with Teresa, one of the teacher-volunteers.  They use all sorts of modalities – songs, little dramatizations and role plays, pencil and paper, recitation and more to gain language skills.

Breakfast and lunch are also supplied for students who wish to eat during the Inter-Session program.

This program is supported with grants and gifts from Edwards Congregational United Church of Christ, Davenport, Iowa, the Rock Island Kiwanis Club, the Rock River Striders Running Club, the Doris and Victor Day Foundation, the Regional Office of Education, The Luke and Mehgan Cooley Family, and St John’s Lutheran Church, Rock Island.  Management and volunteers are supplied by the Church of Peace United Church of Christ.

Lots going on.

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