It is all about the elevator. Yesterday afternoon, following the Lenten Devotional Service at the Church I went up to Trinity Hospital with our Parish Nurse, Mary Oelschlaeger. We were going to see two of our older church members who are hospitalized. Getting on the elevator we met the daughter-in-law and granddaughter of one of the members. “I guess we are going to the same place,” I said. And we were.

We first met the husband and extended family of the church member in the waiting room, including another daughter who lives out of state. This helped us understand right off how serious this was. After a few minutes with he family we visited the member in the ICU. She had had surgery. We had a short visit and prayer and returned to the waiting room for a further visit with the family. Mary was able to answer some questions about care, and then after a short prayer we got on the elevator to go up to see the other member.

She was fairly cheery, and is on the mend. After a visit and a prayer we rode downstairs to leave the building.

On the elevator we ran into yet another church member. He had just left his wife’s room. She was having a quick surgery for a nagging problem before it got worse. We reversed direction, went back up to visit this member. She was a little exasperated, but glad to get this situation taken care of. Again, we had a prayer and left.

I bought Mary a cup of coffee in the lobby shop and we were on our way.

When we got back to the church, Mary, with the permission of the church members, posted their situations on the church prayer chain. We are not always this efficient!

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