Today, July 5, marks the first day of the Summer Family Literacy Program here at the Church of Peace. We cooperate in a similar program during the school year along with other partners. This summer we are doing the program on our own for the month of July.

Three are a few differences. During the school year the program is for parents and their pre-school children together. During the summer we are also providing a class for the elementary school age children of these families. So it is pre-school on the third floor, elementary school age children in one classroom, at adults in two or three classrooms in the basement.

While it is our hope that the program will grow throughout the month we believe that this is a very good beginning.

Another difference during the summer time is that we will be able to provide a light breakfast and lunch daily for the participants.

A very busy first day back after the 4th of July!

This Family Literacy program for the month of July is generously supported by grants from the Doris and Victor Day Foundation, the Junior Board of Rock Island and the Regional Office of Education. We are grateful for their gifts to aid these families.

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