By our estimate we reached 5000 meals on June 22. Our summer meals program for children began on June 7, and at the end of lunch on June 22 had served 5000 meals. Jesus did it in one sitting. It took us twelve serving days to reach the same point. And we have lots of help and lots of partners.

The part of the account of Jesus feeding 5000 that always strikes me is when Jesus says to the disciples, “You give them something to eat.” (Matthew 14:16; Mark 6:37; Luke 9:13) It is only subsequent to this command that Jesus feeds the people.

When in the scripture Jesus speaks to the disciples I hear him speaking to us in the church. I believe that Jesus says to us, “you give them something to eat.” And our summer lunch program for children is one of the ways that we at Church of Peace respond to this request from Jesus.

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