Last Saturday, May 21, we all attended a family wedding in Petersburg, Illinois. “We” is Nancy, Rebecca and I, along with Nancy’s parents – John and Kathie. The wedding was for Nancy’s cousin, the granddaughter of Kathie’s sister; Rebecca, and her now new husband, Doug. It was a great privilege to see that whole side of the family, and good to be there for event.

The wedding itself took place at the theater at New Salem Historical Site, just south of Petersburg. (This is where young Abraham Lincoln spent some time.) It had been predicted that Saturday would be rainy, but it was sunny, warm and nice for the outdoor nuptials.

After the wedding we drove to Athens for a nice dinner. My daughter Rebecca came with me as I drove home that night so I could be at church on Sunday morning. Nancy and her parents stayed at a local Bed and Breakfast, and were able to stay later and visit more with family.

It is important to be there for family events when you can.

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