The Rock River Striders Running Club, represented by Dick and Mary Fisler, give a check to Katie Colbrese for the Spring Inter-Session portion of the Family Literacy Program that takes place here at the Church of Peace.

The Family Literacy Program runs throughout the school year and is a partnership of the Regional Office of Education, Rock Island School District #41, Blackhawk College, Rock Island Library and the Church of Peace.  There is English as a Second Language instruction for refugees and new immigrants who have children in the schools.  And there is childcare for their young children.  During the inter-session breaks for Rock Island Schools additional programming takes place for the elementary age children of the regular ESL students.  We expect to have 120 participants per day in total, including pre-schoolers, adults, and elementary school age children.

One of the highlights will be the day we charter buses and all go to the Putnam Museum together!

Katie will be coordinating the elementary school age component of the program, assisted by workers from the Spring Forward Learning Center and volunteers.

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