Here is our cook, Ed Johnson, standing beside our brand new food warmer that was delivered this morning. The food warmer is not even yet out of its wrapping. This will be a wonderful improvement for our food service here at the church.

One of the issues when preparing a large number of meals to be delivered in a small window of time is to keep the food at a proper temperature – warm or cold. What the food warmer allows us to do is to cook warm food and to transfer it into the warmer where it can be kept at a constant temperature. If you look at the bottom you can see dials that allow picking a particular temperature. This is a commercial quality warmer that has a glass front so we can see what is inside without opening the door, and it is of a standard size so commercial sized pans fit exactly on the many racks. What a blessing!

The money for this warmer was given by the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend. We had applied first to a national program to benefit food providers to children. When we were not selected for that grant the Community Foundation stepped in and made a grant very promptly. We are so grateful. And this piece of equipment is expensive. What a big help for hungry children in Rock Island.

Good day!

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