Yesterday, May 19, was the end of the school year for the Family Literacy Program here at the Church of Peace, with is part of Lights ON for Learning. This program is a collaboration with Rock Island School District #41, the Regional Office of Education, the Rock Island Public Library, Blackhawk College and the Church of Peace. It focuses on English language learning for parents of students in the Rock Island district, and also has a childcare program to look after the younger children of the adult learners while they are in class. It is a very positive and upbeat program.

Well, yesterday the adult learners received their certificates of completion for the year, and they were very excited to get these. Here is one of the students receiving her certificate, presented by the teachers, Carolyn and Marilyn. The whole presentation is being photographed by another student. The students are proud of their accomplishments, and pleased with the recognition. There must have been 40 adult students receiving recognition.

On hand to observe the presentations were representatives of all of the above organizations, along with community members. There was a luncheon that followed.

Part of what seems to make this program so exciting is the great diversity among the students. In many of these ELL programs all of the students are from the same country of origin. Here at the church there are students from Burma, Burundi, Congo, Iran, Mexico, Tanzania, and students from the US working on their GED. It is an exciting and diverse population!

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