On Friday, November 11, at the Church of Peace, Pam Hauman of the Child Abuse Council of the Quad Cities provided a training session for those of us mandated by law as reporters of suspected child abuse. We met for breakfast, and then had our two hour training session. When we scheduled this event several months ago we had no idea how timely this topic would be this week!

The turn out was just right. We had three of our Sunday School teachers, two of the teachers from the childcare that we provide for the Lights-ON program during the week, one of our parish nurses, our church office manager, and two other local clergy members along with me. (We scheduled the event for folks in our church who work with children, and we were happy to extend the opportunity to others to take advantage of the training as well.)
Several years ago our church adopted a “safe church” policy regarding children. This is part of the ongoing process of bringing our words into reality.
And the breakfast was really good too!

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