One of our church members, Carla McGreevey, was honored by Modern Woodmen of America, a local insurance company, as a “hometown hero.” She had been nominated for this honor by Luke Cooley, an employee of Modern Woodmen.

The purpose of the Hometown Hero award is to honor a person who is of great service to the community. In this case the efforts lifted up were her leadership in the “Book Nook” program of the church to supply books to support literacy in our local elementary school. Another area of service mentioned was her help with the Summer Meals program at the church. There were a lot of ways that Carla serves her community that were not mentioned, too.

The honor has at least three components. First off, she was able to invite a group of friends to come to the ballpark for the local minor league baseball team, the Quad Cities Bandits, to have a meal with her. Second, she was able to designate a charity to receive a 0 gift – in her case she selected the Quad Cities Animal Welfare Shelter. Third, she and the group she had invited to dinner we able to watch that evening’s ball game from a sky box that is leased by the Modern Woodmen company. And the Bandits won!

The top photo is Carla and Luke with the check. The second photo is of Carla having her hand shaken by the mascot, Bandit, with her friend, Emily giving a big smile. In the bottom photo is Carla and one table of her family and friends enjoying the “tailgate” dinner. Since it had been raining this took place in the clubhouse.

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