When Rock Island Parks and Recreation decided to have one of their three Summer Day Camp sites at the Academy, our neighborhood school, right down the street, we figured there was not really much need to have a meal site here at the church. Who knew? We have been averaging between 40 and 50 children at lunch daily!

And this is in addition to the over 100 meals we cater to the children at the Academy, daily, for lunch!

I had been running and errand, and when I entered the church building today about 12:15 pm this is the sight that greeted me just outside the door. And when I walked down the stairs toward the Fellowship Hall, where meals are served, I encountered bicycles inside the building too. The bottom photo.

Clearly, we need a bike rack so that bicycles can be parked neatly and safely.

This would also be a real help for the ESL program. Some of our adult students ride to the church on a bicycle. And a bike rack would be where some of the strollers that the young moms use to bring their children could be locked safely.

If you have an inside track on a bike rack let me know.

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