February 4, 2024  Sermon: ‘WHATever!’

  Rev. Jane Courtright



[This sermon is not based upon

      persons or groups in this Church of Peace. 

It is not meant to criticize persons or groups. 

It IS meant to encourage thought, constructive talk,

          reflection, ideas and possibly

       ‘WHATEVER IT TAKES’ actions.]


May the words from my mouth

     reflect the Spirit of Jesus

       and the wisdom of God!


I remind you, again, that pastors are used to

being the target of jokes!

It kind of goes with the territory!  How about this one?:


A church member had just had a serious operation,

and was still under the influence of anesthesia

when his pastor came to visit him.

So the Pastor said a prayer & left.


The next day she returned &

asked if he remembered her visit.

The church member answered,

“Yes, I vaguely remember your visit.

I remember opening my eyes and thinking,

“I can’t be in heaven because

HERE is my pastor!”


YES, we are used to being

the targets of jokes & criticism!

There was a letter in the ‘Dear Abby’ column

some time ago:


Dear Abby,

One of the toughest tasks a church faces

is choosing a good minister.

A member of a church council going through

this process finally lost his patience.

He had just seen the search committee

reject profile after profile for some minor fault


He decided that it was time

for the search committee

to do some soul searching!

So, he stood up & read this letter, which he said

was from a potential minister:


Dear Search Committee,

“Understanding your pulpit is vacant,

I should like to apply for the position.

I have many qualifications:

I have been a preacher with much success

& also have had some success as a writer.


Some say I’m a good organizer.

I’ve been a leader most places I’ve been.

I’m over 50 years of age & have never

preached in one place for over three years.


I have left town after my work

caused riots & disturbances.

I must admit I have been in jail 3 or 4 times,

but not because of any real wrongdoing.

My health is not good,

though I still accomplish a great deal.


The churches I have preached in have been small,

though located in several large cities.

I’ve not gotten along well with religious leaders

in the towns where I have preached.

In fact, some have threatened me,

even attached me physically.


I am not good at keeping records.

I have been known to forget whom I baptized.

However, if you can use me,

I promise to do my best for you.”


The council member then turned to

the search committee & asked,

“Well, what do you think?

Should we call him as our minister?”


Those good church folk were appalled!


Consider a sickly, trouble-making,

absent minded ex-jailbird?

Was the council member CRAZY?!!!


They asked just who had sent such a letter?


The council member eyed them closely

for several long seconds before he answered,

“It’s signed, THE APOSTLE PAUL.”


There is more than just a little truth to that letter!

If you reed Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth,

you may notice that Paul

couldn’t seem to please ANYBODY!


YOU JUST CAN’T WIN!  Paul couldn’t win.


For example,

if he charged for his ministry services,

he offended some people.

If he didn’t charge, he offended others!


Somethings haven’t changed much!

Still, Paul had the deeply meaningful,

& wonderfully unpredictable privilege of sharing

the teachings of Jesus & the love of God!


And Paul was willing to do

WHATEVER IT TOOK to accomplish this!

Listen to what he says:

“To the Jews, I became like a Jew,

to win the Jews.

To those under the law,

I became like one under the law…

to win those not having the law!

Paul was willing to do WHATEVER IT TOOK

to win people to the church!


Someone once said

that there are 2 kinds of people

in the world:  those who say WHATEVER,

& those who say WHATEVER IT TAKES.

I think there’s a lot of truth to that statement.

A lot of people live with that motto on their lips:

WHATEVER,  & not just young people!


Have you ever asked someone

to do something very important,

or shared with them something

with which you’ve been wrestling ,

only to have them shrug their shoulders,

and  answer, “WHATEVER!”

Sometimes, WE are like that with our Christianity.


In fact, let’s create a litany of sorts!

I’m going to make some statements.

After each statements

I invite you to help me out

by answering with a shrug, “WHATEVER!”

Say it with a LOUD SIGH: 

“WHAT….EVER!”  [practice]

Are you ready:  O.K.:


*Jesus said that is EASY to love those

who are loveable.

We are called to love our enemies!



*Jesus said to: “feed the hungry, clothe the naked,

give water to thirsty, free the imprisoned, and

just as you have done to the least of these,

you have done to me!

          ___________________________ !


*Jesus said that if someone sins against you,

you shall forgive them…not just 7 x, but 77x!




let’s change the response from ‘WHATEVER’

to a loud, enthusiastic ‘WHATEVER IT TAKES!’


      Are you ready?   [repeat above statements]


But, like Paul, are YOU & I really ready…

to do whatever it takes to win people to the church?


George G Hunter, in his book ‘Church for the Unchurched,’

Tells about a man named Bill in his late 20’s who began

To serve in the youth ministry of his church.


He also became interested in

revitalizing their ‘Men’s Fellowship’

by reaching out to young men in the community.


Bill noticed that a lot of the young men

in his community liked to get together in the fall

to watch Monday Nite Football.

The only place they were able to get together

to watch the game was in bars!


Bill wondered if the Men’s Fellowship

could bring a large screen tv or projector

into the Fellowship Hall on Monday nites

& invite these men.

He asked one young man with Dred Locks,

eyebrow piercings & tattoos if guys would be

interested in watching

Monday Nite football at the church.


The young man replied,

“Yeah, man…& I could  bring other guys with me!”

But when Bill proposed this Monday Nite agenda

to the Men’s Fellowship, they said,

“Sure, we could meet on Monday Nites,

but we like to play dominoes.

Let’s invite them to play our game.”


Now, could someone give me a “WHATEVER…?”


Still, even with this renewed agenda,

the one young man came.

He liked the men there, most of whom were older.

He was interested in what he understood, thus far,

the message of Christianity.


But he felt uncomfortable, & said to Bill:

“Look, with my dred locks, piercings & tattoos,

I’m out of place  here.

Christianity must not be for people  like me.

After tonite, I’m out of here.


Bill found himself saying,

“If I get a piercing, will you come back?”

The young man was moved by this, and said,

“If you care enough to do that, SURE,

I’ll come back and invite my friends.”


Now, I’m NOT suggesting that all the men

in this church come back with piercings

[although it would be INTERESTING!]

I’m asking whether YOU are willing to do


to win people to the church.


ALL THIS is to say that Paul understood

that in order to reach out to people,

to invite them to the church,


we have to meet them



A sales trainer once asked her audience

If they liked strawberries.

“Yes,” most of them said.

“Strawberries are delicious!”

So, she suggested that they go fishing

with strawberries as bait.

They looked at her as though she were crazy,

or knew nothing at all about fishing.”


“But fish don’t like strawberries,”

pointed out one trainee.

“But YOU DO,”  replies the trainer.

“But I want to catch FISH.”

“What do fish like, then?” said the trainer.

“”WORMS.”   “Do YOU like worms?”  “NO.”

‘Then,” answered the Trainer,

“Don’t sell what YOU like, sell what THEY like!”


How often, as a church,


That Men’s Fellowship which wanted

the young men in the community to play dominoes

instead of watching football…

was fishing with strawberries!


And how often do we do that as the church?

We have the kind of worship services


The kind of ministries that APPEAL TO US.

We plan & host the kind of activities



We so rarely stop to ask,

“What are the needs & preferences

of the people we are called to reach?!

Paul changed the world as we know it.

With the help of God &

his small group of Christians,

he changed a tiny Christian community

from a small sect



Paul was willing to do WHATEVER IT TOOK,

at least whatever was consistent with his calling.

(As far as possible without surrender]

He was willing to consider the world’s

needs & preferences.


THAT’S a formula the church needs today.



Don’t you think it’s time we stopped


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