Explaining the need for mammograms and pap smears to immigrant women—who don’t speak English—is a challenge for health care workers and those trying to help the immigrants assimilate into a new country.  Thanks to a “Susan G. Komen Quad Cities” grant, there is a new picture book designed to educate the women about the procedures.

A sneak preview of the book will be held Wednesday, March 28th at 10:00 am at Church of Peace in Rock Island (1114 12th Street).

The list of attendees at the news event who will be available for interviews include coordinators Nora Steele, the Stand Against Cancer advocate at Church of Peace, and Mary Oelschlaeger, Parish Nurse and Wellness Committee Chairman at Church of Peace; Kathy Lemburg and Michelle Long from the Rock Island County Health Department; Amy Westfall, Grants Chairman from the Komen Quad Cities group; illustrator Barbara Crede; Doug Tschopp from Augustana College; Church of Peace Pastor Michael Swartz, Instructors Brenda Kirby and Marilyn Nesbitt from Black Hawk College, as well as the immigrant students for whom the book was written.

WHO:  Immigrant women

WHAT:  Picture book explaining mammograms and pap smears

WHERE:  Church of Peace Rock Island—1114 12th Street

WHEN:  Wednesday, March 28th at 10:00 am.

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