After many months of work, meetings, questions, research, thought and reflection, the Church of Peace United Church of Christ in Rock Island, Ill., has determined its new vision statement.  It only seemed fitting to bless and dedicate the new statement on Pentecost.

Then at the end of the service this past Sunday, the congregation went outside to the corner of 12th Street and 12th Avenue to bless the church’s location where it has been since 1912.

The process started last fall when small group discussions were held to answer questions and gather opinions about the church.  Then the Visioning Committee organized these thoughts into proposals about the Church of Peace.  In the spring, congregants gathered to narrow those down into the top seven priorities.  From there, a smaller group took those ideas and crafted the statement of identity and purpose which was blessed on Sunday, June 8, 2014.

“It is a holy moment when the stories of our past converge with the promise of the future,” says Rev. Mariah Marlin-Warfield.  “How exciting it is to partner with the Holy Spirit in claiming our vision!  The Church of Peace UCC you’ve known for all these years?  Yes, that’s who we are.  The Church of Peace we will become tomorrow?  We’re that too.  May God bless our new beginning!”


The Church of Peace United Church of Christ gathers at the corner of 12th & 12th where we value our history and envision our future.  We give glory to God by our commitment to:

  • Promoting spiritual growth
  • Prayerfully seeking God’s will for our individual and community lives
  • Sharing worship and fellowship that stirs our souls and inspires our thinking
  • Attracting and sustaining young people
  • Serving those around us who are in need
  • Offering an ever-widening invitation and welcome
  • Embracing you warmly wherever you are on life’s journey

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