Tri Mu Circle would like to say a big THANK YOU to Ernie Colclasure for all the wonderful work he has done in the Tri Mu Memorial Garden and on the church grounds.  His efforts are greatly appreciated.  Ernie has donated plants from his own beautiful yard, in addition to making perennial purchases for Tri Mu.

When the Memorial Garden was started, we were all a lot younger; and so with time, we find it is really more than a group of 14 women, many with age and health issues, can handle.  We are requesting HELP!!!!!!

We know there are many in the congregation who enjoy gardening and have the gorgeous yards to prove it.  All we ask is whatever time you can donate.  Ernie will be the guy letting those persons know what needs to be done.  So please, pull on those old work clothes and get those shovels, clippers, etc. ready to go and lend a hand in helping to, in Ernie’s words, “have grounds that will knock your socks off!”  Please call Meghan Cooley for Tri Mu Circle at 786-0792.  Thank you in advance,  Remember, life began in a garden!

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