Flu and Pneumonia Shots – Oct 17th 11:30-12:30

Trinity VNHA will be at the Church of Peace to provide flu shots for those who wish to receive them.  In order to continue to have flu shots clinics at the Church of Peace, we need to have at least thirty people receive shots, so plan to get yours at church.

Flu shots and pneumonia shots are no cost to those enrolled in the original Medicare Part B plan.  Cash or checks will be accepted in payment.  Flu shots are $35 and pneumonia shorts are $55.

This year, the flu vaccine will protect against the H1N1 virus as well as other influenza viruses.

Adults 50 years and older and anyone with chronic health condition (e.g. heart or lung disease, sicke cell, or immunosuppression) that increase their risk or pneumococcal disease should be vaccinated.  The vaccine is also recommended for pregnant women.  People ages 9 and up will be vaccinated.  Children from 9-17 do need to have a parent or guardian sign the consent.

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