Church of Peace

United Church of Christ

Sunday Worship: 10:30 am

Kids’ Connection Class (summer break, returns in September)

Food Pantry: Saturdays 9-11 am

1114 12th Street, Rock Island, IL


A Farewell Event for Pastor Jane – June 30, 2024







Please plan to join us on Sunday, June 30, 2024 as we bid farewell to Pastor Jane. Cake and coffee reception in the Fellowship Hall will follow the worship service.

Final Parsonage Clean-Up and Barbecue! – June 23, 2024 – 11:30am 

All COP invited to put the “final touches” on the parsonage clean-up, then join us for a hot dog barbecue to celebrate this project! Please bring dusters, cleaning rags, window cleaner, and good cheer!




What’s Going On at Church This Week?

In-Person worship services at 10:30 am on Sunday!

Food Pantry is open every Saturday from 9-11am…changes to this schedule will be posted here and on the food pantry window.

Food Pantry is open June 22, 2024 from 9-11am

Food Pantry is located at the back of the church; follow the signs to the alley off of 12th Avenue. Groceries will be loaded into your trunk.

  • Monday, June 17
  • Tuesday, June 18
    • @ 1:00pm – Centering Prayer – Zoom
  • Wednesday, June 19
  • Thursday, June 20
  • Friday, June 21
    • @ 8:00am – Bread Packaging
    • @ 8:00am – Prep for Food Pantry
    • @ 1:00pm – Centering Prayer
  • Saturday, June 22
    • @ 9:00am – Food Pantry
  • Sunday, June 23
    • @ 10:00am – Coffee Hour
    • @ 10:30am – Worship
    • @ 11:30am – Final Parsonage Clean-Up/Barbecue



Welcome to Church of Peace, United Church of Christ. We’re a congregation of the United Church of Christ located in the Longview neighborhood of Rock Island, Illinois. We are a church built around family, serving our community, valuing our history, and envisioning our future together.

The Church of Peace family includes 2 year olds and 80 year olds, people with a wide variety of physical abilities and disabilities, gay, bisexual and straight people, white, brown, and black people. We look forward to embracing you warmly no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey.

Learn About Us

Church of Peace has a proud history and a bold vision for our future. We were founded by a small group of German immigrants, we chose to stay and serve our neighbors in a changing community, and today we remain a force for good in our community. Follow this link to learn more about the vision, people, and programs of Church of Peace.

Worship With Us

Worship is central to our life together. Sunday morning services are complemented by special services throughout the year, including Ash Wednesday, Christmas Eve, and other holidays. Follow this link to learn more about what you can expect when you attend worship at Church of Peace.

Latest News

Sermon: The Love of David and Jonathan

June 16, 2024 SERMON WITH SCRIPTURE READINGS          (Selections from 1 Samuel) ‘The Love of David & Jonathan’ Rev. Jane Courtright   I know that usually, we read all the scriptures, Then I preach the sermon.  Today is a bit different, As we continue to...

Sermon: “A Viney Kind of Love”

April 28, 2024 SERMON ‘A Viney Kind of Love’ Rev. Jane Courtright   How many of you have vines growing on your property? I have had vines growing up walls, trellises and trees in other homes in which I lived. Right now, we have many plants growing in our yard. I...

Sermon: “It’s Proof to Me!”

SERMON:     ‘It’s Proof to Me!’ Rev. Jane Courtright   I heard about two boys, who in Junior High School, discovered a truth so PROFOUND, so delightful, that they had a very hard time keeping it to themselves! They hadn’t read it in a book, had not heard it on their...

Sermon: Healing Snakes?!

 ‘Healing Snakes?!’ Rev. Jane Courtright March 10, 2024   Last week, we heard the story of Moses bringing the 10 Commandments down from Mount Sinai. They were given by God to the people to provide them with guidelines in their relationship with God and each...

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