Church of Peace



United Church of Christ

Worship | Sunday | 10:30am
1114 12th Street, Rock Island, IL


What’s going on at church this week?

  • Sunday, September 15 – Last chance to get information to the office for the October Visitor. All information must be submitted by Monday, September 16th!

  • Sunday, September 15 – Sunday School for all ages begins at 9 am

  • September Sit-In!

    We need you to take a SEAT at the table! The Women’s Guild has purchased beautiful, comfy CHAIRS for Fellowship Hall, which we hope you, your family, and guests of the church will enjoy for many years to come. We are inviting you to be CHAIRitable—help us replenish our funds by buying your chair, or even a table of chairs! You can buy a chair for $30, or 2 legs for $15. If you’re SITTING on a chunk of money, perhaps you’d like to buy a table of 6 chairs for $180! Wouldn’t you like to be one of the CHAIRmen of the Church of Peace? Make checks payable to COP Women’s Guild; join our September SIT-IN, and claim your SEAT at the table!



Welcome to Church of Peace, United Church of Christ. We’re a congregation of the United Church of Christ located in the Longview neighborhood of Rock Island, Illinois. We are a church built around family, serving our community, valuing our history, and envisioning our future together.

The Church of Peace family includes 2 year olds and 80 year olds, people with a wide variety of physical abilities and disabilities, gay, bisexual and straight people, white, brown, and black people. We look forward to embracing you warmly no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey.

Learn About Us

Church of Peace has a proud history and a bold vision for our future. We were founded by a small group of German immigrants, we chose to stay and serve our neighbors in a changing community, and today we remain a force for good in our community. Follow this link to learn more about the vision, people, and programs of Church of Peace.

Worship With Us

Worship is central to our life together. Sunday morning services are complemented by special services throughout the year, including Ash Wednesday, Christmas Eve, and other holidays. Follow this link to learn more about what you can expect when you attend worship at Church of Peace.

Latest News

Sermon: Strangers at the Door

Genesis 18:1-15 and Genesis 21:1-7 Will you join me in prayer… “God, you love the poor in spirit. God, you comfort those who mourn. Balm for wounds, the friend of sinners, taking the side of earth’s forlorn. Up from the depths you raised your people, giving them...

Leslie Kilgannon – Guest Speaker

Leslie Kilgannon, Director of the Scott County Housing Council was our guest speaker. Leslie is the former Executive Director of Quad Cities Interfaith. The Scott County Housing Council is a not for profit local housing trust fund whose mission is to secure funding to...

Tammy Trice – Open Door Crisis Assistance Program

Tammy Trice from Open Door was our guest speaker. The Open Door Crisis Assistance Program believes everyone can fully contribute to our community with the right support and resources to help weather life's storms. Open Door is a one-stop resource to connect to food,...

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