Reflections shared by Judy Hansen, Carla McGreevey and Bob Motz.


By Carla McGreevey:

My dad inspired me to find joy and gladness in the outdoors and everything it holds.

I love the smell of dirt and tomato vines – a result of planting a garden with Daddy.

I love icicles! I don’t know how many I ate, dirt and all. Today they are a work of art to me.

I love the scent of autumn coming and autumn leaves in their splendor. I can’t get enough of them; never fail to pick them up and press them in a book.

I always loved the pictures Jack Frost painted on our windows when I was little. Now windows are too snug to allow this.

I revel in sunshine! John Denver’s song, “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy”, could be my theme song.

… and did I mention I love the smell of dirt?!

The moon and stars aglow fill me with awe. I often call Molly and ask, “Are you looking at the moon?”

Don’t you love the scent and feel of an approaching thunderstorm with wind, lightning, and thunder rolls?

I love the smell of lake water, probably from childhood swims in Crescent Lake.

I love rocks and shells, rainbows and clouds, new-mown grass and the first snowfall, animals and flowers. I love lightning bugs – there’s a poem that goes, “I never would have thought of it… to have a little bug all lit and made to go on wings.”

… and did I mention, I love the smell of dirt?

So, yes; I find abundant joy and gladness in nature and in all of it I see the smiling face of God and I know that this is my Father’s world!

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