Quad Cities Interfaith has been working for over a year now on the issue of Transportation Equity, by which we mean providing more equitable access to jobs that will be created when the passenger train service comes to the Quad Cities.  The word is that over 2000 jobs will be provided and 700 of those jobs will be permanent.  We want to see that all of our citizens, including minority citizens of the area, have access to those jobs.  We also hope that our capacity for good paying positions will be built through training.

Well, anyway, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was in the QC for a Law Day Speech and to meet with local politicos.  So some of us were able to meet him at the i-wireless center at lunch.  Here from (L-R) is Illinois Chief Justice Tom Kilbride, Clara Delle Thompson (15th Avenue Christian Church), US Department of Transportation Secretary LaHood, Leslie Kilgannon (QCInterfaith organizer) and me.

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