Attendance at our press conference was a little sparse this morning – I think the press was engaged with President Obama out at Atkinson, Illinois. But our turn out of community leaders was impressive and representative of the wide base of support we are getting for the Transportation Equity Summit at Bethel Wesley United Methodist Church in Moline tomorrow night – August 18 at 6:30 pm.

From right to left we are: Tad Birdet of Antioch Baptist Church Hope House and the Rock Island NAACP, Kent Ferris of the Diocese of Davenport, Rev. Julio Alvarado, Associate pastor at Bethel Wesley, Julie Gelaude, Director of the Business Training Center at Blackhawk College, Rev. David Geenen of 15th Avenue Christian Church, that’s me at the podium, Minister Glen Evans of Second Baptist Church and Rock Island NAACP, Rev. Sonia Alvarado, Senior Pastor of Bethel Wesley, and Vera Kelly of the Davenport NAACP.

Here is Pastor Geenen outlining the principles of the Transportation Equity Agreement we are asking community groups and government leaders to affirm.
We are all working for a good turn out tomorrow night.

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