Off to Guatemala on Friday, January 6 on a mission delegation.

The main order of business is to be present at a fiesta celebrating the return of refugees from Mexico to Guatemala that took place in January 1993. The community is called Nueva Esperanza and is in Chacula. These people were among the 200,000 or so refugees who fled the scorched earth policy of the Guatemalan military in the 1980s who were in camps in Chiapas, Mexico, under the supervision of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. When peace accords were achieved in Guatemala they decided to return as an organized community. Sort of a modern day Passover narrative. Last time I was there was in January 1994 and the people were literally living under blue tarps. I am looking forward to see how far they have come.
We will also visit human rights groups which have their offices in Guatemala City.
I ask your prayers for our group as we travel. Please pray that our support and bridge-building will be effective. And that everyone will be safe and healthy.
The photos are from an earlier visit to Guatemala.

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