Each year on Good Friday members from the Church of Peace participate with other churches in the community for a three mile walk carrying a cross. The walk is hosted and coordinated by Gloria Dei Presbyterian Church and has been an event we look forward to. This year seven persons from the Church of Peace walked with the cross – four youth and young adults, and three of us older members. In this top picture Mason Elliott, a high school senior, carries the cross.

The route of the Cross Walk winds through town, from the downtown City Hall out to Gloria Dei Church. Here the walkers approach the Church of Peace. The day was pleasant but overcast, which was actually pretty good for walking.

The group stopped at 13 locations, Stations of the Cross as part of the walk. Here they are stopped in front of the church for a scripture reading and a prayer for our neighborhood schools. Nancy McConnell led the prayer, and mentioned the Primary Academy, which is located just two blocks down the street from this corner. She prayed for students, teachers and administrators.

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