Last Sunday afternoon, February 27, Nancy and I, along with the Chairman of the Board at Church of Peace, Paul Waytenick, attended the Community Day Celebration of the Religious Affairs Committee of the local NAACP Chapter. It was a good event; great music, fine preaching, and most important, a way to connect with a positive group of people providing leadership in our neighborhood in Rock Island. And we saw friends.

Being part of the United Church of Christ, whose slogan is “that they all may be one,” quoting Jesus from the 17th chapter of the Gospel of John, my default setting is to say “yes” to ecumenical gatherings in the community. Our church stands for treating others with respect and dignity, we believe in diversity, and we cooperate ecumenically with others. We do our best to work in harmony with others unless there is a specific reason not to do so.

At the same time our church expects the same respect that we extend to others. We have found the NAACP great partners over the years, and we value our cooperation.

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