For the past few years, Church of Peace has brought the Book Nook to the primary students at the Rock Island Academy. Kids, families, and teachers all love it. Since the Academy is now K-6th grade, the school has asked us to expand the program to accommodate the intermediate students.

We stock our Book Nook cabinet with new books, and sell them to the children of low-income families for just 50 cents each. This is not a free give-away, but an affordable price which preserves the dignity of the families while allowing the children to choose their own books and build their own home libraries. Research indicates that homes with many books produce a higher level of learning and a greater love of reading.

We try our best to get the books the children are interested in at the lowest rice. Still, the actual cost of a new book is anywhere from to , and we need to seek funding every year for our program. In order to expand our program to the intermediate grades, we will also need to build another rolling bookcase and stock it with books. That is why we are asking for an increased amount of money from last year.

Check out the following pages to read what some of the teachers at the Academy had to say about our program.

Thank you for your past funding of Book Nook and for your support this year.

Sue Spurgetis
Church of Peace

This is such a wonderful program! The students get so excited and anticipate it every year. As I was walking past the Book Nook stand this year, I realized that the program greatly benefits our increasing number of ELL students. Many of their parents speak little to no English and rarely leave their own neighborhoods to see out books for their children. The Book Nook program provides an affordable and convenient way to have these students begin their at-home libraries, who would otherwise have no books at home. Having books at home increases the speed in which the students learn English and acclimate to an English-speaking classroom.
So thank you and all those who provide this service!
Stephanie Sanders

The service the Church of Peace provides through the Book Nook is incredibly valuable. Most of my students cannot afford to purchase books at the store or through a Scholastic Book Club. My students love the Book Nook and do their best to scrounge up {content}.50 to purchase a book. You know they want to use the service when that 0.50 comes as a mixture of dimes, nickels, and pennies. They’re not kidding when they tell me, “Miss Brannen! I found all of these nickels in the car!”
Thank you for taking the time to find the funds to provide this wonderful service to our students. We all appreciate your efforts!
Kelli Brannen
2nd Grade
Rock Island Academy

I love that you guys do this for our kids. Our kids are so excited to be able to purchase books on the Fridays you are here. You provide for our kids a chance to buy a book! Many of our kids do not have books at home. Our families may need the it cost to purchase a book to put food on the table and books are not a priority. Book Nook also allows teachers to purchase books for students. For the past 5 years, I purchased a book for each of my kids at the end of each quarter, so those that don’t ever get to buy will have something. Their eyes light up and they are so excited when they get their books!
Bless you all for making this a priority for our kids!
Jessica Bollman

I teach a Special Education Class for grades Kindergarten, 1 and 2. I am always amazed, even after many years of teaching, by the fact hat most of my kindergarten students come to me with little to no knowledge of books. They do not know how to handle books, how to turn pages, or that words on the pages have a meaning that tells the story. I know that many of my students do not have books in their homes. Within a few days of school, they are introduced to the magic and wonder that books and words hold. By the end of their first quarter, my kindergartners seem to not be able to get enough of books, words, and pictures.

Your Book Nook program certainly allows many of my students who come from homes with very limited resources to not only enjoy, but have the exciting opportunity to purchase their very own book. The look in my students’ eyes when they approach your Book Nook shelves is truly a testimony to the good that your program does.
Thank you for your Book Nook program.
Carol A. Kossaris
Special Education Teacher
Rock Island Academy

My intermediate students have been asking me each time they see Book Nook if this is something that they will get to have the opportunity to do as well. They would love to have the opportunity to purchase books, too–especially since we are now in the same building and our students are actually seeing the Book Nook take place. I feel that this would be highly beneficial to students at all grade levels at our school.
Thanks for you consideration.
Jamie Braet, RIA, 3/4

Book Nook is a fantastic program! The Rock Island Academy students are thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase these wonderful books at such a low, affordable cost. Thank you so much for this invaluable program–that nurtures the RIA children’s excitement for literacy!
Susan Murphy

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