Saturday, October 21, 2017


From Huehuetenango

When the bell rings at 5 pm in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, the bell ringer is right up there in the tower. I wonder if he has a hearing loss. Today our newly composed group, now twelve persons, took a van to Huehuetenango from Antigua. Tomorrow at about 8 am we finish the last leg of the […]

"Hola" from Antigua

It is a new world when the modest backpacker Posada San Vicente in Antigua, Guatemala, has free wi-fi! Here is our group at dinner 2 hours ago. We are assembling, and spent this afternoon getting to know each other better. We will take a van to Huehuetenango tomorrow, and on Monday we will go higher […]

Guatemala Delegation

Off to Guatemala on Friday, January 6 on a mission delegation. The main order of business is to be present at a fiesta celebrating the return of refugees from Mexico to Guatemala that took place in January 1993. The community is called Nueva Esperanza and is in Chacula. These people were among the 200,000 or […]