Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bishop Samuel Ruiz dies

In February 2007 a group of United Church of Christ pastors was in Cuernavaca, Mexico to meet with the leadership team from a Mexican Civil Association (non-profit corporation) named INESIN. And who should we run into but Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia, who was the instigator in setting up INESIN years before. The bishop had suggested […]

New Refrigerator for Family Literacy Childcare

A new refrigerator has been installed in the Childcare room for the Family Literacy Program here at the Church of Peace. The funds to by the refrigerator were provided by the Moline Foundation. Having a nice unit in the room permits the caregivers to get snacks and bottles and such without having to leave the […]

Chiapas, Mexico, January 2011

This month I traveled to Chiapas, Mexico, on a church mission trip. We did a little sightseeing, and the top photo is of Palenque; a Mayan archaeological site in the jungle or selva region of the state. We also visited INESIN, a Mexican Civil Association that was established in the mid 1990s with help from […]