Saturday, October 21, 2017


Well, here is Becca walking through graduation at Cornell College in Mt Vernon, Iowa. They feature “preference order” which means that the graduates get to sit with their best friends, so Becca is walking next to a friend, Margaret, and they are followed by other friends. It was a warm but not unbearable day. Here […]


On the afternoon of April 22, I drove up the Mississippi River to the city of Clinton, Iowa, for a memorial service for one of my colleagues from the California/Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church. The service was for Charles Andrew Tanner-Dorn. Rev. Tanner-Dorn had died on April 16, and I had received news […]

Fellowship Day with Truth Temple Church

The congregation from the church with which we share the corner of 12th Street and 12th Avenue will join with us in worship on May 16.  Their choir will provide an anthem, and Pastor Mark Anderson will share a few remarks.  Come worship with neighbors.

Reading in the Lounge

One of the partners in the Family Literacy Program that takes place here at the Church of Peace is the Rock Island Public Library. On some occasions the group travels to the library together. At other times the librarian, Sue Foster, comes to the church and reads to the church and reads to the group. […]

Prayer Vigil in Kenosha

Yesterday, on April 29, a group of six members of Quad Cities Interfaith (QCI) drove (or rode) up to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to participate in some public events to have a voice in the national discussion on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. QCI is an affiliate of the Gamaliel Network and other affiliates were represented in Kenosha, and […]


I am grateful that the culture of the Church of Peace is one of consistent participation in the efforts of our conference and denomination. We do what we can to share in God’s ministry in the world through various channels. One of those is through the church-wide offereings of the United Church of Christ. Recently […]