Monday, May 25, 2015


Celebration of Time and Talent – Time and Talent Sheets Online here

Through the month of May, you can learn about the ministries of Church of Peace... 

Sign up for the Church Pictorial Directory

It’s time for our new church pictorial directory! Sign up today for your photography... 

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Annual Rummage Sale June 11 & 12

The Church Rummage Sale will be Thursday, June 11 and Friday, June 12.  You are... 

Church of Peace night at the River Bandits

The Social Committee is sponsoring an outing to the River Bandits Baseball game on... 

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Sermon Preview: May 17

From where will my help come? This is the question of the Psalmist, and it’s a question we ask in our own lives. Join us at 10:30am on Sunday May 17th when we’ll hear Psalms 91 and 121 and remember the promise of God’s protection.  Read More →

Sermon Preview: May 3

On Sunday May 3rd, our worship service will feature special music by the combined choirs of Two Rivers Church and Church of Peace. The sermon will explore the music of Psalm 104 which praises the LORD whose love crosses boundaries and keeps going…. (Even the lions and the sea monsters are are part of this love!) Join us on Sunday for a celebration of God’s creativity and compassion.  Read More →

Sermon Preview: April 26

After you cry out to God for help… but before things turn out all right. How do we live in this wild space in between? Join us for worship at 10:30am on Sunday for the second sermon in our spring worship series, Creativity Rising. In a message called “Song for the Panic Room” we will look to Psalm 22 and 23 for words of hope.  Read More →

Sermon Preview: April 19

On Sunday April 19th, we’ll begin our spring sermon series on the Psalms called “Creativity Rising”. Sunday’s sermon, “Broken Faith”, hears good news from Psalm Nineteen and echoes the invitation to come back together again with God.  Read More →

Easter Sermon Preview

We know exactly how the story goes: The women go to find Jesus in the tomb, and he greets them, and they erupt in glorious praise. Except that’s not what happens. He isn’t there, and they run away in fear and silence. What happens if Easter comes and we can’t even speak the words of praise? This is the question taken up in Sunday’s sermon called “Breath Before the Hallelujah”. Join us at 10:30am for worship which includes special music, holy communion, an art project, and extravagant rejoicing! All are welcome.  Read More →

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