SERMON:   Dec. 3, 2023 

‘Any Moment Now!’ Rev. Jane Courtright

Has anyone yet asked you,  “Are you finished with your Christmas shopping yet?”

It’s been weeks since we saw the first Christmas decorations up

and holiday merchandise out stores!

Sometimes even BEFORE Halloween!!

So, it seems even more like Christmas is just around the corner!

We’d better get going / better hurry / better hustle!!!

Time is rushing on…Soon it will be too late….


Wait just a minute!  Today is only the FIRST Sunday of Advent.

Christmas day is more than 3 weeks from now!

We’ve got PLENTY of time to prepare!

The birth of that hope & light shown in the Christmas story,

in the birth of a small, vulnerable baby.

So, I’m not really worried about your Christmas gifts

or Christmas cards or house decorating or plane tickets…

or all the other aspects of the secular celebration.

It’s a lot of fun,

but sometimes has little to do with the heart of Christmas

It may seem a rush to do all that surrounds Christmas festivities.

But for a SPIRITUAL celebration of Christmas,

you have plenty of time.  So take a deep breath and relax!

The Gospel of Mark give us a good hint of the kind of mood

that we could have as spiritual people during this season of Advent.

In the gospel of Mark, Jesus says: “Therefore, keep awake –

for you don’t know when the master of the house will come….

in the evening, or at midnight, or at cockcrow or dawn.

The way Jesus describes the world in Mark….

is one in which NOTHING can be taken for granted.

God could be anywhere…& in anyone.

If you go to sleep for even 15 minutes,

you might miss the most important moment of your life!

Jesus continues, “And what I say to you, I say to ALL:  KEEP AWAKE!”

The word for ‘keep awake’ by the way, is GREGOREITE.

It’s the same word that Jesus uses later on

in Mark in the Garden of Gethsemane when

he begs Peter, James & John to stay awake.


As hard as it is, as long as it takes,


Well, for those of us who LOVE to sleep, this is a VERY HARD saying!

G.K. Chesterton once said that sleep is one of the signs of trust in God.

I agree with him!  I know that when I am trying hard to run the world


I find myself waking up at 3:00 in the morning,

thinking about all the awful things that are going to happen

because I didn’t do things just right.

S’More, my cat will starve because I didn’t feed him,

My house will be burglarized because I didn’t lock a window.

The Worship service will be ruined,

all because of some obscure detail that I forgot to plan.

The longer the list, the longer I stay awake.

It’s only when I can let go the list

to the expected morning’s light of optimism

….ask myself, “How will this really seem in the morning?”

But I also know how sleepiness can work against people

who are up against problems that they don’t want to face.

When I was the Youth Director

at my home church in West Dundee,

there was a young high school student named Jenny.

She was a beautiful young woman, on the honor roll,

and involved in many activities in school.

I thought I knew quite well,

because she was involved in my high school Sunday school class

and youth group.

But one day, Jenny’s mother came to see me with a problem.

She said that all Jenny did anymore was to sleep.

And it was really hard to wake her up!

This was not like the Jenny we thought we knew!

The Drs. Found nothing physically wrong with her.

We finally discovered that Jenny felt that she could no longer

live up to the high expectations of her parents, the community,

even her own high expectations.

So, she simply went to sleep.  It seemed the only safe alternative.

Fortunately, Jenny,

after help from family therapists, teachers & her parents,

did learn how to express herself and face her challenges.

So, there is THAT kind of sleep too…not a sign of trust,

but of terrible fear, so terrible that the mind just shuts down.

Sleep comes and the world just goes away.

There is no pain.  Frequently, there are no dreams.

Finally, there is another kind of sleepiness that most of us

experience at times. It is the result of boredom.

You have a 10 hour flight, or a 6 hour drive or hours to wait in the ER,

a long, even 40 minute sermon to hear, or you wait all morning

for a repair person to come and fix your washing machine.

With so much time on your hands, it can lose its meaning.

It’s hard to say if the time passes slowly or quickly.


Even if you find other things to do while you wait, you still know

you are waiting for something YOU can’t MAKE happen,

or something You can’t rush…

and the sheer monotony can put you right to sleep!

I don’t know what kind of sleepiness

Jesus describes in our Gospel reading, but the message is clear:


As hard as it is, as long as it takes, don’t go to sleep.

None of us can ever know for sure what the future will bring

in our world full of pollution, greed, global hunger, failed truces,

hundreds, thousands of people killed in wars,

rumors of another World War, disease and more.

I must admit it:  I often feel numb, like putting my head in the sand,

half conscious because of the state of our nation, the world these days.

Being asleep seems a lot easier than being afraid, or being bored,

or feeling helpless.

Let’s admit it:

Sometimes being asleep is a lot easier than being alive, PERIOD.

But Jesus insists:  “WAKE UP!” even when his own death is near.

WAKE UP to whatever life is bringing you, as a person or a people.

WAKE UP to pain, if that’s what there is for you to wake up to,

because you can’t be healed until you admit that you hurt.

WAKE UP to the love you won’t let yourself have

because you’re afraid you’ll lose it.

WAKE UP to the future that makes you so angry and afraid

because it’s not the one you would order.

And while you’re at it, WAKE UP to the fact

that you are NOT in charge of the world, just a servant here

and a part of all the people of God.

WAKE UP, open your eyes to the joy

that God is present with you…within you.

It seems like a long time (more than 2,000 yrs. ago)

since God shone through the  person of Jesus,

and sometimes it seems that it’s been a long time

since we have felt God’s presence.

But while human time is measured time,

which we feel we never have enough,

Kairos time which can happen at any time.

And there is always plenty of time for Kairos time!

On this first Sunday of Advent, Christmas is ahead of us,

challenging our agendas, our priorities, our goodwill,

and even our half -asleep faith.

Will God touch us again with a gift full of wonder and awe?

Can we discover the child within us,

with its tender trust & joyful hope?

Will we be open to be delighted by the surprising ways

in which God chooses to visit us?


For God can come to you at any moment!  Amen.

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